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Industrial Giants Who Could Not Keep Pace with Technology

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What does Ambassador cars, Eastman Kodak, Compaq, General Motors and Concorde have in common. They were all leading companies of their time but now they have ceased to exist.

The car that Indians drove for decades, now a classic. On the streets of Pune, India.
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Ambassador cars had a monopoly in India. It was a status symbol for people using the official car but unfortunately, they could not capitalize on that market. The company could not keep pace with the advancement in technology, they were not innovative, they were not as ambitious as their competitors. So slowly they faced the extinction.

The list of fallen giants is very long. Out of list of Fortune 500 companies of 1955 now they are hardly less than 50 companies still present in the list of Fortune 500.

This will compel us to ponder, once considered the giants in their fields, how they have just disappeared. The answer to all this is simple – not adapting to technology evolution and embracing the technology for business. Staying up- to-date with the latest technologies is a cornerstone of any successful company. Technology enables companies to streamline their sales and be prepared for any exigency.

The Cardinal Rule

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All the technical developments in the field of IT and artificial intelligence might not hold good for your company. The cardinal rule is be tech-ready and to embrace the technology which will help in the growth of the company. Some companies probably might have the tech team to keep you up-to-date; some follow the industry journals and publications to know what is happening in their field. This way a company can know what is relevant to the business. Track the major trends so you don’t fall behind.

Adapt The Technology for Growth

New technologies Apps and software are user friendly. Many companies are using digital solutions to increase the sales and the bottom-line of the company. Keep pace with competitors and check which latest tools they are using so that you may not be left behind.

If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about?
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The most important department which has to keep phase of changing times and technology, and keep track of the latest trends of the competitors is Sales Department. Little carelessness and slothfulness can be major set back for the company. Sales is considered as the lifeline of any industry.

Sales team has to be equipped with the latest technology and tools for sales. Some of the tools like CRM, Sales Productivity Automated System with Artificial Intelligent Personal Assistant. helps simplify your business processes and optimize efficiency.

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Toolyt, as leaders in Sales Productivity Automation System and CRM, have been helping the companies with the CRM management. Toolyt has integrated with other digital solution systems like Floatbot and Mobillor to give the customer absolute sales solutions. The flawless automate bot solutions for increasing sales and customer satisfaction.