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Toolyt 2018 Rewind: A Year Dedicated to Growth, Diligence, and Accomplishments

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Bidding adieu to this great year- 2018 will be full of nostalgia for everyone who has been a part of Toolyt and had the chance to work with us closely. This particular year has shown us that nothing is unachievable via persistence and diligence; we need to aim beyond what we are already capable of. Here at Toolyt, we believe- we must always develop a complete disregard for where our abilities end. We must never fail to try to do things that we are incapable of... If deep inside you think you're incapable of running a company, make that your aim... Make your vision of where you want to be a reality. Nothing is impossible!

In 2018, we were happily occupied with new product version launches and spreading the organization’s wings in the international level. So, we thought of sharing all these good news with you all because when you spread happiness it grows twofold and it goes and grows on, forever! So, without any further ado, let us see what all accomplishments have we made this year and relish all those moments.

Toolyt’s Version 2.0 Launched:

We made major improvements in our app this year which includes a fresh look and feel in UI and UX. A better live version with intelligent workflows and Artificial Intelligence. Also, a focused interface for BFSI and Pharama field force's productivity.

At Toolyt, we firmly believe that improvements must be continuous and to adhere to this fact, we always make minor and major improvements in our app regarding design, features, functionality, and more.

Onboarded World’s Biggest Enterprises to Our Platform:

The year 2018 was full of happiness and prosperity for us because we have made stellar achievements by onboarding world’s major healthcare and banking firms to our platform. Last, but not the least, we have associated with the world's largest retail company Shinsegae I&C which has undoubtedly boosted our confidence and has taken it to a whole new level. Toolyt is utilized by large enterprises which include Fortune 500 companies across eight countries, in sectors which range from BFSI, consumer, Pharma, and Medical devices.

Got Backed by Axilor Ventures:

In the ‘Enterprise’ category, during The Summer 2018 Accelerator Cohort, Axilor Ventures showed a great support by backing us. Here at Toolyt, we can make a promise that we will not stop endeavouring to achieve new and greater heights of success; all we need is your love and support; that’s it!

Won the Prestigious Star Smart Awards 2018:

Nothing made us more elated than winning the Star Smart Awards 2018 from the South Zone of India. The Star Smart Awards 2018 has partnered with AIM, NITI Aayog, Government of India, Venture Catalysts, and Technopreneur Surrogate Ventures.

Finalist in Vizag Global Fintech Festival:

The Fintech Valley in Vizag is a self-sustainable global Fintech Ecosystem which is promoted by the honorary Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Being a Part of MaGIC and Expanding to Malaysia:

MaGIC was founded on April 27 in the year 2014 by the ex-President of USA, Mr. Barack Obama. MaGIC is an accelerator which supports the creativity and innovation development in Malaysia. We have shaken hands with them and they have shown immense support and assistance through which we have expanded our operations in Malaysia as well.

Nominated in the Top 15 Startups During empoWer 2018 Tech Track:

empoWer is an initiative by Zone Startups India and they emphasize on women entrepreneurship and is India’s first accelerator for women in tech edition 2018. The Tech Track was organized in Mumbai and Mrs Vidhya, CTO of Toolyt was announced us as the winner. This is a moment of ecstasy for us as we deeply believe in women empowerment and women entrepreneurship.

Toolyt Covered in 'CNET Japan under '6 unique startups found in India':

It is quite obvious that anybody will be elated when they’re featured in international news. Likewise, we were covered in the cnet Japan under the category of `6 unique startups found in India'. This immensely boosted our confidence and the undying impetus to do something avant-garde with our product by which the community where we live in can be benefited to a greater extent.

Award from SoftwareSuggest for the Support and Delivery:

The article published by SoftwareSuggest greatly praises our mobile application’s functionality and it’s easy to use and understandable UI and UX. SoftwareSuggest have mentioned that our web-based, artificial intelligence-enabled, and mobile-first tool is designed particularly for streamlining the operations of the field force (Field Force refers to those people in an organisation who are responsible for the sales and lead generation, i.e. who work in the 'field' to generate profits and revenue for the organisation.)

Toolyt Won Elevate 2018 Award by the Government of Karnataka:

We were completely overwhelmed when Toolyt was awarded with grants from the Karnataka Government in 2018 during Bangalore Tech Summit. We, as a team are highly grateful to the Government of Karnataka for providing us with this immense opportunity that has boosted our confidence to achieve our dreams and motives.

We can't stop without thanking Nasscom 10000 Startups for providing us the ecosystem and huge support. We’d like to thank all our customer, partners, mentors, investors and everyone for rendering their great support and confidence in us during 2018. We are looking forward to what 2019 has to offer from its bag of mysteries!

Toolyt wishes you happy holidays; have a great and prosperous year ahead!